About radicalization

About radicalization: Yassin Elforkani is a muslim imam living in Amsterdam that says that he city may also be at risk. In my opinion, the most important thing I can take from the txt is that the danger is not 4000 km away from us, but instead, the danger is inside schools, bars, cultural associations, neighborhoods. 2/3 of the "radicalized" have between 15-25 years old. Why? because this is no longer only a war, this is GUERRILLA, this is Focalism, this is young teenagers born in small villages in France with a desire for an armed insurrection (for instance Roubaix, 5 minutes away from where I live, may be the source of the french terror.) An AK-47 can be bought in contrebande for less that 1000 EUR, at any time.) The problem is that the governments are not prepared for this. They are prepared for the great wars that are useless on this matter.
After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the french government introduced Moral classes in the schools. What's the problem? The teachers say: how can we teach empathie to students that live in the same room with other 6 or 7 persons. How can we teach about condemning violence if they are taught with the force of a belt and the violence is the norm on the street? How can we teach that work is a way of emancipation for women and that secularism is the value of the Republique if their mothers are veiled and stay at home?
Where are the Lumières?

Aliens are among us!

I don't understand why NASA does insists on finding alien life. We already found it, and it's among us: They are: Chris Browns', Kanye Wests', Kim Kardashians', people that participates in Big Brother shows, Donald Trumps' .... (although to this one I give a credit because even with his outrageous behavior in many topics, one thing he shows well about US politics: it's ll about entertaining. Alas, the art of bullshitting!


What would you do if you knew the world ends tomorrow?

When the french newspaper L'Intransigeant consulted Marcel Proust to ask questions about a possible end of the world and the effects on people between the time when they acquired the aforementioned certainty and the moment of cataclysm and what would he do in his last hour, here's his answer: I think that life would suddenly seem wonderful to us if we were threatened to die as you say. Just think of how many projects, travels, love affairs, studies it - our life - hides from us, made invisible by our laziness which, certain of a future, delays them incessantly. But let all this threaten to become impossible for ever, how beautiful it would become again! Ah! If only the cataclysm doesn't happen this time, we won't miss visiting the new galleries of the Louvre, throwing ourselves at the feet of Miss X., making a trip to India. The cataclysm doesn't happen, we don't do any of it, because we find ourselves back in the heart of normal life, where negligence deadens desire. And yet we shouldn't have needed the cataclysm to love life today. It would have been enough to think that we are humans, and that death may come this evening. In How Proust Can Change Your Life by Alain de Botton


Bordeaux - nice gardens, astonishing buildings, wine, young people.

Read this as a mix of my experience with the experience of people who i'm getting to know. The word Bordeaux is betimes related with wine. And bordelais(e) really take their wine seriously. Of course that a billion dollar industry has a huge impact in the city, once that it's a tradition that started 2000 years ago. But the pride of the bordelais(e) goes way above that. Bordeaux is located in the southwestern part of France. Easily reachable, is a major cultural center, classified as a World Heritage Site. The city long known as La Belle Au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty) is well and truly awake, thanks to the high-spirited university student population, the restoration of many buildings and pedestrianising its boulevards. Aeronautic and aerospacial technologies are also fundamental for the region development. As i'm meeting locals and french people from other cities, i began to realize that there is a feeling that you will always be treated as a foreigner if you haven't been born in Bordeaux. To find a job and if you don't speak french can be really hard. Networking is quite taken into consideration and can take years to create an effective network, since that, and here only transcribing words of Parisians, people in Bordeaux and the French in general are very close minded and even rednecks. The bordealis(e) are very proud of their city, specially of their independence from Paris, and you have to dedicate a lot of your time to develop the right connections and maybe the dream job can never happen. But nevertheless, I'm loving living in Bordeaux. I'm feeling alive, i'm collecting a bunch of new experiences and learning new stuff that will be precious in the future. Even if i'm getting the feeling that Paris can be my next city...


Four questions worth answering by Seth Godin

I'm a huge fan of Seth Godin. He has such a clear vision about business. I follow his blog since 2008 and never get bored. For me the most essencial question to answer when you are starting a new business is the forth. Hope it's useful for you: Who is your next customer? (Conceptually, not specifically. Describe his outlook, his tribe, his hopes and dreams and needs and wants...) What is the story he told himself (about the world, about his situation, about his perceptions) before he met you? How do you encounter him in a way that he trusts the story you tell him about what you have to offer? What change are you trying to make in him, his life, or his story? Start with this before you spend time on tactics, technology or scalability. ____ Youy can check his blog here.


Daily Thought

"Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds." - Buddha, founder of Buddhism.

A Book about Public Relations

Today i found an interesting book about Public Relations. In Portugal, where i studied, Public Relations is perceived as the "ugly duckling" of the marketing techniques. To those who wants to know what public relations is about:  Grow Your Brand  Heighten Demand of Your Product or Service  Expand Your Customer Pool  Establish Trust for the Company and its Products  Form a Position of Leadership for the Company  Change the Way Your Product is Perceived  Generate Awareness for Your Products or Services  Improve Employee Moral and Draw Top Quality Talent to Your Company  Enhance the Perceived Value of Your Company  Make Socially Responsible a Key Characteristic of Your Company Here you can download the free e-book about PR.


‘It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be‘.

For a friday that demands for action, this was my inspiration, Paul Arden’s book "It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be‘, basic tips which I find very helpful: 1. Seek for criticism and learn from it; 2. Share your ideas because ‘the more you give the more comes back to you’; 3. Do not be afraid to fail and make mistakes.



My diary, oh diary.

Lisbon - Amsterdam - Hong Kong - Macau.
Ufffff!! I'm tired.
After my check-in at Hotel Golden Dragon
in Macau i'm going to take a nap
and prepare to the welcome dinner
with portuguese entrepreneurs
and Federação de Jovens Empresários de Macau.

Pursue what you are passionate about. Otherwise you'll lose the energy to get out of the bed.


let's dance little stranger

Compass by marekhemmann

Marek Hemmann has such great music that it's hard to choose which one to post here. Today i choose this especially because i'm compassing my trip to China.


Vou ali ao futuro.. e volto já!

I'm so happy! On the 10 of September i will go on a business travel to Macau, China and Hong Kong. The first week i will stay between Macau and South of China, to make business. After that i wil be on my own in Hong Kong for 4 days.... OUCH! My stomach is hurting.. a lot! I opened my own company with two more partners in July. We make the interface between Portugal and oriental countries. It will be my first time in Asia and i'm thrilled!


The Brief

Clubs & Night Life: Club Musee - Madrid

Cities: Amesterdam: Made By Hand

Travel Inspiration: Europe's Classiest Rooftop Bars - The Top Bar at Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel - Croacia
From: The Brief
Haaa! This website it's quite dreamy.



So we just keep on wasting time

Luciano's set making damages on me ;) This is the perfect company for a summer night. And could it be better than being Frivolous... I love everything in this music.



Nick Curly @ Viva La Electronica

Since the beginning of summer that i'm listening to this set from Nick Curly's. Yeah, i like it a lot! I think that are really nice tunes remixed here. From Maya Jane Coles, Christian Burkhardt, Johnny D, Sascha Dive... I hope you enjoy it!


Keep it in mind!

“The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created--created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination."

John Schaar, Futurist